Alton Sports Hampshire Cross Country League
Annual General Meeting
Friday 24 July 2020
via ZOOM

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Alan Ive (League Secretary/Acting Chair); Liz Flitcroft (League Treasurer); Pam Rogers (Ladies' Results); Ian Byett (BMH/ECCA); Ken Littlejohns (BMH); John Hoare (Overton Harriers); Ian Graham (Bournemouth AC); Tim Ford (Hedge End RC); Mark Pauley (Poole AC); Tim Eglen (AFD); Tim Richardson (Reading AC); Ray Stevens (Reading AC); Julie Rayfield (Reading AC); Sam Whalley (Reading RR); Marilyn Crocker (Victory AC); James Mann (Arete); Steve Williams (Littledown Harriers)


Pam Bungay (Men's Results)

Minutes of the last AGM

Published on Hampshire website, all had access. Agreed as correct.

Matters Arising

Pam Rogers had two points, one was the monitoring of the Team situation after the vote to count 4 out of 5 fixtures in line with Individual results. The Team situation is holding steady from previous years, so her feeling was that female teams were continuing to support the League throughout the 5 fixtures, rather than tailing off towards the end.

The second point was the Popplewell Trophy (from AOB 2019), Pam thanked clubs for nominating people for the Trophy and in order to keep this viable, Pam had asked if the Treasurer could 'put aside' some funding for the continued engraving of the trophy. This will appear in the Treasurer's Report later.

Chairman's Report

Alan thanked the host clubs for organising last season's fixtures and expressed uncertainty going forward into this season. More discussion to follow.

Secretary's Report

Nothing to add to comments above.

Treasurer's Report

The accounts had been posted online for people to read, including the recommendations for affiliation fees using our three tier system.

Under any questions, Tim Ford queried the purchase of Results envelopes. It was explained that only usually happened every two years and that we would need more for this season.

Alan shared the committee's decision to waive last season's sponsorship from Alton Sports in the light of the current economic situation brought on by Covid 19. We have funding currently to move forward without that input. The feeling of the meeting was supportive of that decision, as Alton Sports had always been supportive of the League in the past.

Ian Byett proposed the adoption of the Treasurer's Report.

New Membership Affiliation/Resignations

We had received no resignations to date. Arete and Littledown Harriers, two clubs with representation at the meeting were interested in joining the League, and we had interest expressed from Hatch Warren Runners and Hamwic Harriers, although no representation was at the meeting from those clubs. Pam reminded Steve Williams from Littledown Harriers that any First Claim runners had to run for them, as she had noted some Senior Ladies in the Bournemouth AC team were Second claim to Bournemouth.


Proposed by Reading AC and Reading RR

We propose that a working group is set up to review and suggest improvements for the next AGM that will ensure all athletes are guaranteed equal opportunities across the League and to consider ways to increase participation for those that are underrepresented.

Julie Rayfield spoke about the proposal, and suggested that improvements be considered in this time of 'off season', to come back with a better League.

Tim Eglen asked if there was anything that we could be doing now, perhaps advertising? Pam replied that she felt the League was well represented on the Hampshire website and suggested that it was down to clubs to advertise what was happening and to encourage participation. Tim agreed.

Julie was happy to take a lead in the working group and Tim would support her, a questionnaire was suggested.

The question was asked if we had an up to date list of contacts. It was explained that Liz and the two Pams had their own lists for correspondence, but until the first fixture we could not be sure that the names were correct as clubs did not always let us know if a change of personnel happened.

Liz and the two Pams to send contact lists to Alan.

Marilyn asked if messages were sent out about the AGM, the answer was NO, details were available on the website, as they would have been if the meeting was happening 'in person' at Winchester.

Dates, Venues and Host Clubs for season 2020-21

Please note these are provisional

Date Host club Venue
7 NovemberAFDAldershot
5 DecemberWinchester & D ACSparsholt College, Winchester
16 JanuaryReading ACProspect Park, Reading
13 FebruaryBasingstoke & MHPopham Airfield
13 March Bournemouth ACKing's Park, Bournemouth

There was much discussion on the possibility of starting our season in October, Ian Byett spoke from the perspective of ECCA, commenting that they think there will be difficulties holding cross country events this season and that EA was going to send advice. (amended 10 August)

Tim Eglen commented that the Midland League were not holding fixture this side of Christmas and that although private landowners may be a bit more flexible, public venues are very aware of Covid 19 and the implications for holding mass events.

Ray commented that the way our fixtures are run, the possibility for transmission through giving out numbers, handing numbers to Team Managers, handing envelopes to results personnel etc. was very high. He also made the very relevant comment that the officials and Team Managers as well as some of our athletes are in the vulnerable category and it would be foolish to risk their health.

Other suggestions were forthcoming, reducing numbers in races, reducing distances of races, course changes to try to take out multiple laps and/or narrow parts, no tents, pre-registering athletes, staggered starts to name but a few.

Alan summed up by saying that the dates before Christmas are provisional and as changes occur, the Hampshire website will be updated. Tim Ford asked that enough notice be given.

Ian Graham was concerned about the Bournemouth fixture originally scheduled for October for a variety of reasons and finally asked if the sixth provisional date in March could be used for the King's Park fixture. The whole meeting agreed to that, so King's Park will be Saturday 13th March, dependent on the situation with AFC Bournemouth.

(Since these Minutes were taken, there has been some correspondence about other fixtures being scheduled for that date, but Alan pointed out that the meeting agreed, so to keep it as was agreed for the moment)

Election of Committee

As members were willing to continue, Ian Byett proposed the Committee be elected en-bloc. John Hoare seconded.

Ray Stevens proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee and to the two Pams for their work on producing results.

Presentation of Awards

This to take place at the first fixture, along with the Popplewell Trophy, once it has been returned by the current holder and engraved with the name of the next recipient.


Affiliation fees to Treasurer by the end of September please. List of athletes and their details to the two Pams, when Pam R has changed to format of the form and put it on the website!

Meeting finally closed at 8.37 pm