Hampshire Athletics
Track & Field Championships
including Hampshire Athletics Walk Championships

It goes without saying that 2020 was not a year to remember in terms of any possible competition.

Right now 2021 also contains a lot of uncertainty as to if or when any meetings might be possible.

The possibility of holding the Track & Field Championships lies with UK Athletics to decide on any date, obviously in line with Government Covid-19 limitations.

Other events are however in our hands to try and schedule for the benefit of our athletes. As the County Committee we are committed to organising whatever we can, in order to get athletes back on the track and in the field.

We are currently seriously looking at moving some or all of the Multi-Events and Quadkids to a date in September 2021.

Regarding the County Championships we believe that we could hold a specific meeting for those athletes in school during the May half-term, even during the week. Of course that is if we are by then allowed to do so.

If there is any relaxation of the lockdown by the beginning of May, we would still look to holding a "May Day" meeting at the end of May but only with the Walks, the Mile, together with some of the Middle Distance events, as well as some field events - overall as much as could be fitted into the 8-hour day.

Please keep watching this website for further updates.

Stay safe and well and most importantly stay positive about the future of our sport.

Championship Secretary