Who needs Officials?

WE DO!! Just about anyone who is trying to run an athletics club or organise an athletics meeting, be it Track and Field, Cross Country or a Road Race, needs Officials. Most importantly, competing athletes need to relax, happy in the knowledge that the competition is being run under conditions fair to all.

There can never be too many Officials at an athletics meeting. The duties are varied. You may think that you know very little about Officiating or that you must sit an exam before you are let loose near athletes but that is no longer true. All you need to do initially is attend a Level 2 Officials Course in the discipline of your choice. By discipline we mean as a Track Judge, Field Judge, Timekeeper or Starter/Starters Assistant. The Course is normally on one day at a weekend which is delivered by one of our qualified Tutors from within the County. After this you then only need to attend a minimum of 4 meetings to become a qualified Level 2 (Club) Official. There are separate courses for those wishing to become Endurance Officials (Road and Cross Country). EASY, ISN'T IT?

You will find Hampshire Officials are very friendly and only too willing to give advice and encouragement to newcomers.